Topic #51 Adventure

What comes to mind when you hear the word adventure? I’ll tell you what surfaces for me when I hear or see the word.  A sense of exploring our limits.

Such a long walk to the pile of dirt. It so fun to play in. My cars and trucks  waiting to be put into motion and come alive. Splashing them through the thick mud is my favorite part. It’s such a memorable experience the sense of wonder and imagination made this my sense of adventure when I was maybe four or five years old.

In that same time frame I can remember a more traumatizing sense of adventure. My brother, sister and I were playing at a friends house. We were at a neighbor boy’s house a couple of houses down. I don’t recall what was mentioned or why I felt this sense of urgency to run back home but something was said to make me want to flee. The run or fast walking home was intensely long so it seemed. As soon as I got into my house I ended up in fetal position under a table with a cover over it. Hiding there for what seemed like hours. I came out from under the table only when I knew my parents were home finally.

Fast forward a few years. Now I’d be about eight. My school at this time was a country elementary facility. They would have once a year a get together with all of the families and kids as well as the teachers. I’m assuming this was a secret parent teacher meeting at the same time. The school would set up their ‘Haunted House’ for us all to go through if we dared. The school would sell tickets of course to raise money. I can remember vividly the scariest part for me at this age was standing in line anticipating what was to come in the exploration of the death trap disguised as a fun haunted house. The moment the door opened my group was led into the scary large building. It was the most fun experienced I can remember from this part of my life. The gore and scares around every corner were incredibly well done. They even had person hanging on the side of the wall near the ceiling in one spot with fake blood dripping from her body. This whole experience might have lasted about five minutes through the entire building. It seemed to last ages. As scared as we were to go through the haunted house we were equally eager to go through again! Reflecting back at this now I kind of wish that innocent heart pounding feeling of adventure was as easy as it once was.

Skipping ahead twenty years the word adventure has a completely different meaning to me. Having my bank account run low is just as much a heart pounding adventure as the experiences had before as a child. As an adult the want of adventure is strong but involves more desire to see the world and experience simpler things. Finding time to relax is an ideal sense of adventure at times!



  1. Justin, I love how you approached this! I can definitely relate to the haunted house paragraph as I just went to 2 of them this last weekend. That was probably the most adventurous i’ve been in a long time as I haven’t gone to a haunted house since I was a child. I also really liked how you transitioned to adulthood and how the meaning has changed: I agree that checking your bank account can be an adventure in itself (Woo for being a broke college student!). As we grow up, our perception of adventure changes: We mature and therefore our view on adventure changes as well. Well done!

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    • Justin- I love when you bring up Rankin memories! 🙂 Those were my favorite school years by far! Especially, because of this time of year, It seemed like parents back then got just as excited to get us kids all dressed up and ready for the Halloween Parade. Then the Rankin Chili Supper with the infamous Haunted House you spoke of. I remember one specific year, that my Grandpa Bob had to carry Margaret and I, one on each hip, both of us bawling our eyes out through the damn thing. Great memories! 😉

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