Topic 49

The aromatic effect of the strong coffee set for the morning was like a feather to his nose without the tickle. It’s a beautiful day; the sun is shining bright. Entrancing sounds of birds chirping are almost soothing enough to sleep through. There’s no more snoozes left on the alarm, so the day must begin.

There is that meeting today at the office; it’s a presentation on a new program for the data center. Getting an early start to the day: going into work ahead of time. His plan is to beat everyone else to the prime spot in the parking deck.

Traffic was light; he even had a chance to stop for another coffee on the way and pick up the newspaper. It’s a great early morning start and he’s hopeful to see how the rest of the day goes.
Finished with reading the newspaper: in the parking spot of his choice, it’s time to head into the intricate network of cubicles.

Walking through the labyrinth of padded cubicles, he glides a finger along the panel fabric while sipping coffee. As he approaches his desk a note appears to be waiting. Turning the note over he’s stunned to read “Your services are no longer needed at this facility”. With a 30 day notice the company seemed to be kind. The desperation and angst he feels at this moment is overwhelming. After thirty years of loyal employment, he is now swept to the gutter.

The meeting out of the picture for him today; he decides to pack his things up and leave the prison behind. A vacation he had planned will come into use for seeking out new employment. The job market sucks, so the feelers he puts out aren’t given much notice.

After receiving positive feedback, yet no offers; he decides to continue working, this time for himself. With 30 years lost working at the data center and no client list, it was hard for him to get started. However, the luck came when a small company wanted him to manage their social media and marketing accounts.

Managing the social media accounts for the company turned into a massive amount of referrals. He now works half the amount of time as the data center required. There is so much freedom of expression in this new venture. The clients are extremely rewarding with their compliments. In a way he feels like he wasted all those years working for someone else. Undervalued, unappreciated and numbered is how he remembers it. The corporation no longer owns him.

With all of the free time, he now volunteers more at local animal shelters. The fulfillment in that alone is worth getting fired for. With the business now operating smoothly and clients happy, he’s humble.

Door closing prior; he continues his life with meaning. Most important in his life now are being giving to others who need it. He occasionally commutes past the data center drinking coffee, no longer sliding fingers across dirty panels. He’s grateful to not be in the padded cubicle prison isolated from desires, aspirations and significance.


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  1. Justin. This is amazing. I don’t know if its because I have done the call center and dirty cubicles thing more than twice in my life. But this is seriously a great story. The way you word things and put so much feeling into it is amazing. I really felt like I was walking side by side when the deseperation of losing his job hit him. I was working at APAC (Didn’t we work there at the same time?). My very first job. The job I bought my very first car with and really liked. Then one day, I walked into work and sat down like normal. The main boss came out and my supervisor had tears in her eyes. They made their finally announcement and that was that they were closing down the call center forever. I cried for days!!

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